Education Values: Since its inception, our beloved school is distinguished by the values ​​with which our beloved students operate, it is the parents who tell us about the positive changes they see in their children.

Bicultural System: Half of our student schedule is carried out in the English language, with the aim that the student becomes familiar with this language and uses it regularly in their daily life. With proactive classes our students participate in monthly projects, debates, exhibitions, competitions, etc. Where in a pleasant way they participate speaking this second language.

Bilingual System: From the primary level, an assessment is applied to the students, which allows us to analyze if they are a candidate for the bilingual group, which consists of 90% of the classes in the English language and 10% in Spanish.

Collaborative projects: When working as a team it is easier to discover our strengths, in addition to developing tolerance, decision-making, empathy, collaborative work, understanding, competitiveness, etc. We also confront the areas in which some of the aforementioned skills must be developed.

Life skills: The students of this generation show a greater curiosity to learn and above all to know how to apply learning, that is why each class is carried out in a context in which they can show the skills they obtain from it. .

Social and campaign training: Every month we work with a campaign that benefits planet earth, in addition to the monthly ones that are already part of the training of our students: Among them are, recycling of PET plastic, collection of caps and batteries.

Evaluation: Through qualitative and quantitative evaluations we are analyzing the progress of our students, motivating them towards their continuous improvement. Training citizens of the world.

Technology in the classroom: All our classrooms have digital technology, a smart board, a projector, audio, etc.