Educational Model

Our commitment is to start the process of innovation, with a quality system; A leadership based on principles, values, and a team conformed by teachers, who are commited to adapt in constant updates regarding education. 

Another of our commitments is to generate a comfortable emotional environment, with clear procedures making easier the team work, teacher-student, and student-student interactions. 

We promote teamwork in order to create leaders with self-control, confidence, tolerance and flexibilty, basic skills to be part of society.

Values are considered essential in the development of every human being. 

Bilingual Education

Students are prepared for a global world that demands people with a variety of skills such as: leadership, competitive spirit, problem solving, and the acquisition of English that is considered as Lingua Franca, which means that it is a worldwide spoken language and facilitates connection between different nationalities around  the world. 

Advantages of being a bilingual student


A second language acquisition gives to the students the opportunity to communicate accurately when they meet foreign people or travel to another country. 

Cultural Knowledge

At CAM students are involved in English projects that  offer a meaningful learning of a second language; through cultural events, holidays, traditions and history of the different English speaking countries around the world.

Global mindset student

A “global mindset” means many things: a broad worldview; a sensibility and sensitivity to cultural difference, knowledge of a foreign language, international experience.  Students who travel abroad bring their unique cultural experience and worldviews to our campuses and local communities.  The diversity of our society adds great value to the experience of international students.