Jr. High School is a stage where the students develop competences that will help them to achieve independence and find their own identity, and also show their knowledge and skills to express their ideas responsibly and respectfully. Our students learn to adapt to different methods of teaching and to participate in different physical, cultural and academic events.

Acaedemic Program

Our academic program aims on the development of presentation skills, mathematical knowledge and different sources of investigation and scientific method, where the students apply their abilities in different challenging projects.

  • Español
  • Matemáticas
  • Educación financiera
  • Ciencias
  • Geografía
  • Historia
  • Formación cívica
  • Inglés
  • World History
  • Science

CAM Subjects

  • Música              

  • STEAM Lab

  • Valores

  • Educación emocional

By the end of Jr. High school, our students will be able to express their point of view, respecting the diversity of opinions. Also they will promote health and environment care, will take advantage of the technological resources as tools to obtain information and build knowledge. Handle complex math operations according to their level, know about different cultures, they will know how to express and communicate accurate in both languages, Spanish and English, and will be certified by Oxford University according to their English level.