Between 3 and 6 years old, kids experience an extraordinary development in their skills and motivations to think about what they’re doing, predict the consequences of their acts, develop language and express verbally their experiences, showing that the things they go through preschool are meaningful to their personal growth, that’s why we put all our love to contribute in the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each students, looking that boys and girls create a positive image of themselves and acquire personal autonomy in an stimulant and educative environment.


Academic Program

Our academic program is bicultural, where half of the day the class is in English and the other half in Spanish.

  • Lenguajes

  • Saberes y pensamientos científicos

  • De lo humano a lo comunitario

  • Ética, naturaleza y sociedades

  • Inglés

  • Educación física

  • Motricidad gruesa

  • Motricidad fina

  • Verbal

CAM Subjects

  • Música

  • Robótica

  • Valores

  • Labor social

  • Paseo cultural

  • Vida saludable

Philosophy CAM

  • Educación emocional

  • Control de esfinteres (sólo maternal)

  • Estimulación temprana (sólo maternal)

Graduate Profile

By the end of preschool our students will learn how to control their emotions, work in teams and solve conflicts peacefully, also they will get the confidence to express, communicate in their mother language and start knowing vocabulary from the second language. They will improve their coordination abilities, control, handling and movement.