Our students from elementary school have to face different challenges: In permanent learning, in handle of information and situations. Learning how to work with other students as a team. The knowledge of the student becomes the key of every educative action, which allows us to know each and every one of them, this is done by a permanent attitude of constant observation by our teachers that leads us to: 

a) A personalized education

b) A significant learning

c) An accurate psycho pedagogical orientation

Academic Program

Our academic program is bicultural, where half of the day the class is in English and the other half in Spanish, the students have their English classroom and their Spanish classroom, where they can have the right environment according to the language. 


  • Lenguajes      

  • Saberes y pensamientos científicos

  • De lo humano a lo comunitario

  • Ética naturaleza y sociedades

  • World history

  • Science

  • Language

  • Educación física

CAM Subjects


  • STEAM Lab             

  • Valores

  • Educacion emocional

  • Educacion financiera (primaria mayor)

  • Música

By the end of elementary school, our students will be able to have a critical thinking, work in teams, analyze and search for information in different sources. Also they will promote health and environment care, will take advantage of the technological resources as tools to obtain information and build knowledge. Handle basic math operations, know about different cultures, they will know how to express and communicate accurate in both languages, Spanish and English, and will be certified by Cambridge University according to their English level.