At the end of the school schedule our school offers a complete care and personalized attention to our students.

Through a program with different activities, we aim that students have a great time where they reinforce abilities, do their homework, play and have fun.

  • Food

  • Personal habits

  • Homework tutoring

  • Snack

  • Handcrafts, games, etc.

Medical Service

At Colegio Antonio Machado our staff is always aware to prevent accidents, however if an accident happens during school time, we have the emergency service  of  7/24 in campus San Nicolas and EMME in campus Escobedo to take care of our students in minor medical expenses. We offer immediate medical attention and move to your assigned hospital (if needed).


Academic Club

Aware that every student is unique and everyone has an individual intelligence, when some of them have difficulties in a particular topic or subject, after class and in small groups, we offer the support required to accomplish their objective.

Digital atmosphere

Nowadays the use of technology, more than a luxury has become a need and most of the students have access to all kinds of technology. That is why all our classrooms are equipped with a projector and digital board that will promote the attention and active participation in class.

Psychomotor room (Preschool)

This space is designed to improve the physical and mental development of our students. The basic motor activities like running, marching, jumping, crawling, climbing, are essential in the early years, allowing the kid to experiment feelings like: self esteem, self control and competence, which will help with their emotional equilibrium and will have positive outcomes in their ability to focus and relate with others.


Psychological Orientation

Our institution has a professional staff with a psychology degree that offersconfidence to our students, andcounseling about their emotional education.

If a student needs special support (psychiatry, neurology, psychoanalysis, speech therapy, etc.) we will provide contact information of highly recommend personnel with effective results to keep monitoring the situation.