Colegio Antonio Machado was founded in 1989 in San Nicolas de los Garza, due to the demand of the community, in 2008 we opened another Campus in General Escobedo.

Nowadays, society requires people with diverse skills and competences, capable to work with ideas, sharing, improving them through creative and innovative thinking. At CAM we know that education is the most important mechanism to improve quality and equality in society. This is why we educate with integrity, we focus on the intellect, emotions, physical activities and the spirituality of thehuman being.

Keeping success in the 21st century demands us to know how to learn and how to teach our students to develop communicative, interpersonal and collaborative skills. Dominate communicative abilities such as, listening, reading, and writing. Choosing the best way to teach them these abilities using technology during the process. Make this competences their own and take advantage of the new digital tools to create an attractive environment; and space where the students can be capable of sharing ideas, taking decisions and solve conflicts assertively.


Colegio Antonio Machado as and educational community teaches in an integral way to our beloved students through an edcational model, based in love, high expectations, constant challenges, and in an academic environment of quality, so our students perform with plentitude in the different aspects of their life, be conscious of the world around them and serve other people.


Colegio Antonio Machado as the best institution in our cities, by the profile of all our students, generating new models of teaching based in an integral formation and love for every living thing.